Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sometimes I Forget

I ride on the shoulders of women before me, of women who have died, of women who have lived. Their choices have paved my road and their words have fed my soul. Yet her hands anchor me to my seat and she walks with me, carrying my weight. She watches the horizon and gently averts my gaze with her clever smile, where I find the strength to face my fears. Yet sometimes I forget her, I forget to ask how she is doing or if there are any monsters I could fight for her. And then I realise that the world is her monster, and fight I must. I remember the times when I couldn't allay her tears or close the door against the dark. Times when loud voices and scared eyes kept us up all night, praying we make it to light. I feel the fire and close my eyes to relive yesterday so that I may capture a tiny ounce of her spirit, of her will, and of her soul. I safely tuck it away in my heart as she waves me away to face the new world. And as I look back into her eyes, I remember. I remember that I ride on the shoulders of a woman who has lived... for me.


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