Thursday, August 24, 2006

Through my distant soul

There's a crisis in town. Bombs and guns, tears and cries, pledges and promises blooming around every corner. History repeats itself in the eyes of distant souls, rumors of the end whispered into clogged ears. People avoid eye contact and smile to appease the glaring stares. Ideals, principles and ethics lie in the eyes of the beholder, thus we can't relate, thus we can't communicate. This can't be the way we walk down the path, this can't be the path. Cluttered with mistakes and regrets, ignorance and arrogance, errors we will make, but with nothing to break our fall, we are bound to break. I can't watch the flashes of this world where there is no house of God.


Blogger David Cohen said...

Welcome aboard the blog train. I've put a link to your musings on mine, to help you on your way. Suerte. DC

2:15 PM  

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