Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sometimes I Forget

I ride on the shoulders of women before me, of women who have died, of women who have lived. Their choices have paved my road and their words have fed my soul. Yet her hands anchor me to my seat and she walks with me, carrying my weight. She watches the horizon and gently averts my gaze with her clever smile, where I find the strength to face my fears. Yet sometimes I forget her, I forget to ask how she is doing or if there are any monsters I could fight for her. And then I realise that the world is her monster, and fight I must. I remember the times when I couldn't allay her tears or close the door against the dark. Times when loud voices and scared eyes kept us up all night, praying we make it to light. I feel the fire and close my eyes to relive yesterday so that I may capture a tiny ounce of her spirit, of her will, and of her soul. I safely tuck it away in my heart as she waves me away to face the new world. And as I look back into her eyes, I remember. I remember that I ride on the shoulders of a woman who has lived... for me.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Through my distant soul

There's a crisis in town. Bombs and guns, tears and cries, pledges and promises blooming around every corner. History repeats itself in the eyes of distant souls, rumors of the end whispered into clogged ears. People avoid eye contact and smile to appease the glaring stares. Ideals, principles and ethics lie in the eyes of the beholder, thus we can't relate, thus we can't communicate. This can't be the way we walk down the path, this can't be the path. Cluttered with mistakes and regrets, ignorance and arrogance, errors we will make, but with nothing to break our fall, we are bound to break. I can't watch the flashes of this world where there is no house of God.

Trust Fund Baby

I'm in a daze. I've never been accused of being "upwardly mobile" and I feel highly insulted. I mean I shouldn't right, someone thinks I live a life of privilige and I should be flattered. But I'm not, I feel like a snob. Which I am not. I just like expensive things.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what the tone of my blog should be, because I can play many roles. I can be the witty, sarcastic hater. Or this introspective, thoughtful person musing about things that matter to me most. Or I could like do the online journal thing and rant and rave about like my horrible day, like omg. I totally blame my friend, who shall remain nameless, for this mess. I think I'll just go with the flow.

And I just fell in love with Keane.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So I figure that with all the random crap that whizzes through my mind every minute, some of which are simply genius I must say, I should keep track of it all somewhere. So here I am.

Expect brilliance, or it's best impression.